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Apps For Customizing Android Device -updated April 2021

Apps for customizing Android device in 2021

    There is no doubt, that android is right now the most popular mobile operating system compared to all other operating systems. Android provides many features and customization options to its users.

    Nowadays each and every individual is fond of customizing his or her android device.But many of them are unaware about newly launched customizing apps,so here i will give you some information about them

    well,lets begin,

    Apps related to customization of Android devices-:

    1)Launcher apps

    Apps For Customizing Android Device -updated April 2021

    Android launcher apps has been around for a long time.Each launcher has something different to offer. To be honest there are thousands of great launcher apps available in the google play store. I personally tried many of them and brought few of them for you. Each launcher comes with something different.
    For Example,some launchers offer the chance to change grid size,icon size,customize icons,customize icon shaoes and also come with secondary functions like hiding apps,providing widgets for home screen,customizing charging icons,customizing charging interface and much more.

    some best launchers -:

    2)Get an icon pack from Google play store

    Without changing icon pack you may not feel the complete customization.
    Icon packs are plentiful, colorfull, and they come in every style.
    Apps For Customizing Android Device -updated April 2021

    This is how the icon pack looks like,the above icon pack is whicons-white icon pack.

    Icon packs-

    • Whicons white icon pack

    3)Using AOA( Always on AMOLED)

    It is a unique app of always on display which provides you with information about notification with different styles likes lighting edges,clock,date,current,weather,music control and much more on your screen.
    Apps For Customizing Android Device -updated April 2021

    Apps For Customizing Android Device -updated April 2021

    4) Power shade

    It is an amazing app which can customize your status bar like a pro.It customizes notification panel and status bar very efficiently.
    You cam even customize background color of notification panel,text of icons,color of icons and all.This app is incredible in itself.
    Apps For Customizing Android Device -updated April 2021

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    These are some free apps for customizing your Android device in 2021.

    "Real Luxury is Customization"

    Thanks for reading.